Curiously Green – The green web newsletter

Seit Oktober 2019 erscheint „Curiously Green“ als Gemeinschaftprojekt von Tom Greenwood und seiner Londoner WordPress-Agentur Wholegrain Digital.

Der englischsprachige Newsletter informiert über unterschiedliche Aspekte der „Ökologisierung des Internets“ („Greening the Web“). Er wird monatlich veröffentlich und enthält Nachrichten und Meinungen zu verschiedenen Aspekten nachhaltiger Internetlösungen, wobei praktische Informationen mit philosophischen Inhalten vermischt werden.

Online-Archiv des Newsletters

Issue #40 – Humane design for non-human personas

Issue #39 – What would a Humane Web look like?

Issue #38 – The advent of Green Digital Accessibility

Issue #37 – The Tech sector needs a digital reset

Issue #36 – The Web Almanac publishes its first ever sustainability report

Issue #35 – Three years of being Curiously Green!

Issue #34 – Is sustainable business an oxymoron?

Issue #33 – Is the UK digital sector really taking sustainability seriously?

Issue #32 – Is the UK digital sector really taking sustainability seriously?

Issue #31 – The Earth Day issue – How much is enough?

Issue #30 – Sustaining a vision of the future we want to see

Issue #29 – Daring greatly to create greener tech

Issue #28 – Will digital clothing slow down fast fashion?

Issue #27 – „What should exist? What do we need that we don’t have?“

Issue #26 – Will we all live in a sustainable metaverse?

Issue #25 – The chips are down (or up) on hardware emissions

Issue #24 – The Biggest Machine on Earth

Issue #23 – Thanks for deleting this email (after reading!)

Issue #22 – Corporate greenwashing and repairable laptops

Issue #21 – Data center salad and Google goes geothermal

Issue #20 – Sustainable solutions from the 90s

Issue #19 – We need to do less, but better

Issue #18 – Web design permaculture – A natural solution?

Issue #17 – Is digital sustainability becoming mainstream?

Issue #16 – Sustainable Web Design – book release!

Issue #15 – Coming together for a positive future

Issue #14 – Let’s talk about digital sustainability

Issue #13 – Digital industry steps up sustainability standards

Issue #12 – A greener digital economy

Issue #11 – The deep work of digital sustainability

Issue #10 – Cutting down on the carbon calories

Issue #9 – 1,000 trees for 1,000 subscribers!

Issue #8 – How the green web is helping

Issue #7 – Cleaning up the world wide waste

Issue #6 – We must remain resilient

Issue #5 – Ambition, transparency and solutions

Issue #4 – The decade to do things differently

Issue #3 – The year we woke up to Climate Change

Issue #2 – Making the internet go like a rocket

Issue #1 – Issue #1 is finally here!